Heart-Warming Down Jackets

In 2011, we went on our first trip to Nepal and fell in love with the country, our guide, and his family. Now, together, to support their children's schooling, we are selling Nepali-made down jackets at 50% retail prices.


Since 2012, we've been running a marathon! To keep Jackets for Jasper alive and funding Nepali schoolchildren, we are transitioning to a "Made-to-Order" system.
With an established presence and proven success helping girls attend school, we decided that this year all jacket profits will go to IWEN's Empowerment Through Education program.
Please enjoy this beautiful 3-minute film that Wildland Media made about Jackets for Jasper.


A jacket from Jackets from Jasper is light, warm and comfortable, comes in beautiful colours for a great price and you’re helping a very worthwhile cause.

Christine F. North Vancouver, BC

The jacket is exceptionally comfortable and every bit as warm as any other similar jacket on the market. I love the story as does everyone I share it with. Super comfy... !

Pauline J. Cobble Hill, BC

I tell people about the cause, the lightness and the warmth. Here, in Québec, people often expect a warmer jacket; the idea of a down sweater is new to them. Then they try mine on and get all excited....

Tara C. Quebec City, QC
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