Heart-Warming Down Jackets

In 2011, we went on our first trip to Nepal and fell in love with the country, our guide,
and his family. Now, together, to support their children's schooling,
we are selling Nepali-made down jackets at 50% retail prices.

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  • A Little Goes a Long Way

    Thanks to the generosity of a few special J4J supporters, we went to Nepal this past spring with three "iPhone 3"s and $140... along with instructions from the donors to "do something good". We tried our best and wanted to share with you how a little can go a really long way in Nepal.

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  • To Nepal and Back Again

    You might think we've been in hibernation for the last half year or so... but we've actually been very busy behind the scenes. In April, we went to Nepal and reconnected with our friends and the families we're helping to support - and most importantly, we finally met Rajan, our manufacturer, and little Jasper!

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  • Leaving… On a Jet Plane…

    We're going to Nepal! This Friday! We're hoping to bring a second hand smart phone and lap top computer to provide our friends internet access.
    And we'd like to bring back photos, videos and stories: what do you want to know?!

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People Are Talking!

I tell people about the cause, the lightness and the warmth. Here, in Québec, people often expect a warmer jacket; the idea of a down sweater is new to them. Then they try mine on and get all excited….

SWATCH Square - Red Embroidered

The jacket is exceptionally comfortable and every bit as warm as any other similar jacket on the market. I love the story as does everyone I share it with. Super comfy… in fact someone described it to me when they tried mine on that it felt like butter – Smooth and silky!

SWATCH Square - Seafoam

Love my Jasper Jacket! I bring it on all my hikes as it’s so small and cozy!

SWATCH Square - Black