Support for the J4J Families


If you are reading this, you know how devastating the repeated earthquakes have been in Nepal. Although every person linked to Jackets for Jasper in Nepal was unharmed in the 2 major and 100s of minor quakes, almost everyone is homeless and living outdoors.  Four of Rajan's workers and his mother-in-law, aunt, sister and brother have lost their homes, Rajan's home and factory is damaged, there is no power and limited water and food. All of them are now living outside on the streets and open areas. Jasper and 5 adults are still living in the street in a tent and there are no rooms available to rent anywhere. Resmi's village is badly damaged and food supplies are now short. And of course it is raining and the monsoon will start at the beginning of June. We are (trying to!) keep one web page up-to-date with the statuses of these families in Nepal and with what we are doing to help with donations we receive. Please note: payments by credit card are received by us after ~3% is deducted as a fee.


(Last updated May 29 2015, 1pm. Weeks to monsoon: 1) 


The Jackets for Jasper Team Needs Your Help


In less than 7 days, the Monsoon season starts in Nepal and all of those people who have lost their homes will be living outside in the pouring rain and road access to outlying villages will close. While the aid agencies will focus on short term relief, we want to provide longer-term assistance for the people Jackets for Jasper is supporting (Jasper and Resmi and their families) and the people who are responsible for making your jackets. With the generous donations we have received, we have expanded our network of aid to include the communities linked in some way to any of our acquaintances.


We can now build simple, 12x20' monsoon-proof shelters for approximately $550 CDN. We have access to bulk food purchases; a 30kg bag of rice is approximately $20. Because we are not there, Rajan has been playing an instrumental role in making purchases and helping find workers to deliver and build.


Please let us remind you that we are not a registered charitable organization and are unable to issue receipts for tax purposes. We are just Liz and Len with all of you trying to help a few people in a country in trouble and we give you our word and will be completely transparent about how your generosity makes a difference in the future.


What we would like to do:


(Updated May 29 now that we know Rajan's factory is intermittently capable of functioning, village's homes have collapsed and we've received enough donations to assist people beyond this core group of relatives and manufacturers). Everyone we support and work with in Nepal has had their life utterly changed forever and we would like to ask you to consider donating to the Jackets for Jasper family to:


  • [DONE] Provide an emergency fund for the workers that make your jackets so that they can buy food, water and supplies for the next month and beyond. The entire country is in chaos and no one is earning any wages.

  • [DONE] Help the team that makes your jackets to rebuild their homes. Four of the workers' homes have been completely destroyed; they are now living under tarps in the street, parks or next to their collapsed houses.

  • [IN PROGRESS] Help Jasper's and Resmi's extended family and village to access food and clothing and rebuild homes. The 2nd earthquake did in their homes and all are living outdoors with their food stores and personal belongings buried in the rubble. 

  • [IN PROGRESS] Help our J4J Families' Villagers create safe shelters in time for monsoon. So many villages have been flattened that few people have anywhere secure to live through the rainy season; we can purchase roofing and framing materials to help.

  • [MAY NOT BE NECESSARY] Help Rajan fix his factory or temporarily relocate the factory so his workers can begin earning a wage when they are ready to start working again. They have lost everything and we hope the ability to earn an income will ensure one less stress.

  • [IN PROGRESS] Purchase roofing material for families living outside. All of our acquaintances (friends and their relatives) are living outdoors under tarpaulins. Now that we have established networks and translation, we have been directly funding purchases beyond the immediate J4J family in Nepal.


When we started this business 3 years ago we did so to help two children go to school. It has become much more than that and their extended families, the manufacturer and makers of our jackets and our shipper have become family to us and to so many of you. Thanks, yet again, for making a difference not only for Jasper and Resmi but the extended Jackets for Jasper family - and now their extended communities as well.


With sincerest thanks from us and on behalf of our 'team' in Nepal,
Lenard and Liz

North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Photo credits:


  • Earthquake location map: BBC
  • House with outer walls collapsed is Rajan's mother's house: Rajan Dulal
  • Thulo (Big) Ganesh, factory's master cutter, under his tent; home ruined: Rajan Dulal
  • House with wall shorn off and people standing in front is Santosh's family home, factory worker: Rajan Dulal
  • Pramila washing up in front of her greenhouse: Pramila Ghimire
  • Thulo (Big) Ganesh in front of his under-construction shelter: Rajan Dulal