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If you are here, you probably read that we are continuing post-earthquake assistance to the Nepali people in Resmi's village and a few families in other places. Thank you for donating to help us continue rebuilding shelters, replace livestock, and build sanitary toilets. Select from the drop-down menu above any amount that is possible for you: we can make even a little go a very long way.


Rebuilding a Village - 36 Homes and Counting


Please let us remind you that we are not a registered charitable organization and are unable to issue receipts for tax purposes. We are just Liz and Len with your help: 100% of your donation (minus 3% to the credit card company if you donate using a credit card) will go directly to the school principal (Sher Bahadur Thapa Magar) who has been in charge of coordinating the distribution of purchased building materials to the 74 village families. Please note: payments by credit card are received by us after ~3% is deducted as a fee by Visa/MC/Amex. 


When we started this business in 2012, we did so to help two children go to school. But it has become much more than that: now we sponsor three kids, we have weaned the factory off diesel and supplied a backup battery power system; we provided emergency support to almost 100 people in the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes; we've rebuilt over 10 homes and provided roofing for 2 villages. And now we are helping the villagers of Khanigaun, where Resmi is from, by providing funds for building materials to construct or repair shelters. And just this Christmas week, we've starting purchasing materials to build a toilet with accessible water in the village of Ramailochaur.


With sincerest thanks from us and on behalf of those in Nepal who will be the direct recipients of your donation,


Lenard and Liz
North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Photo credits: All photos by Liz Leboe and Rajan Dulal, except water tank ( and cement bags (