Garment Care

Please note: heat (from a dryer, hot water wash or an iron) can melt and damage the wax lining on the inside of the fabrics, resulting in reduced performance for water resistance and down-containment. Your new jacket has travelled a long way from Kathmandu to you and it has been squished flat for up to several months. To restore your new jacket to its intended puffiness, please follow our wash and dry instructions.

Fluff New Jacket

  • Zip up all zippers and place jacket in dryer along with clean, dry tennis balls or balled-up socks
  • Put dryer on "air-fluff" or low heat for 10 minutes
  • To super-puff new jacket, follow wash and dry instructions


  • For inky or oily spots, dab rubbing alcohol using a clean, white cloth. Once spot has been cleaned, let fabric dry.
  • For dirt or grime, wipe spot gently with a soapy clean white cloth. Once dirt is removed, wipe again with a damp, non-soapy cloth


  • Machine wash in cold water with gentle soap, preferably in front-loader or on delicate cycle
  • Do not use bleach


  • Tumble-dry on "air fluff" or low heat with clean, dry tennis balls or balled-up socks
  • Do not iron