I tell people about the cause, the lightness and the warmth. Here, in Québec, people often expect a warmer jacket; the idea of a down sweater is new to them. Then they try mine on and get all excited….

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Excellent coat, great price, good cause. I should be a sales rep! Price was excellent, quality of the jackets is excellent. Service is
better then dealing with US and Canada companies.

Men's Team jacket -Square back

Warm, comfy, well priced and all for a good cause. Thank you for the opportunity to have a Jacket for Jasper; it makes me feel warm all over!


A jacket from Jackets from Jasper is light, warm and comfortable, comes in beautiful colours for a great price and you’re helping a very worthwhile cause. The down is just light enough for our winters in Vancouver yet kept me warm in the Kootenays too! There is no reason not to buy one.

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Love my Jasper Jacket! I bring it on all my hikes as it’s so small and cozy!

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Everyone I’ve purchased the jacket for loves it!

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The jacket is exceptionally comfortable and every bit as warm as any other similar jacket on the market. I love the story as does everyone I share it with. Super comfy… in fact someone described it to me when they tried mine on that it felt like butter – Smooth and silky!

SWATCH Square - Seafoam

People ask me about my jacket because they love the look of it, but when I tell them the price and cause, it totally sells it. I let my hiking partner wear it one morning and she was amazed at the comfort and how lightweight it was.

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I’m working today in my COLD cabin with my new Jackets for Jasper jacket. LOVE it, and it kept me warm and toasty today ’til the fire could get the place back to a decently comfortable temperature. Thanks for all you do!

Victoria G in Apple Green

So light weight … Great price …. Great cause! I think the fact that the jackets are made from roll ends is a selling point in this age of recycling.

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I love my J4J! My friend and I wore our jackets at the Boston Marathon finish line the day before the race. So warm & cozy!

Irene Aschwanden Boston

I LOVE my jacket – it is warm and comfortable and the colour and stitching are fantastic. I get a lot of positive complements on it and many requests of “Where did you get that great jacket!”

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Feels great to wear a quality garment and know where all the profit goes. I love the colours and uniqueness of each shipment – a great backstory with sourcing the materials, which is very appealing in today’s world of uniformity and mass production.

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First of all I must tell you how many non-stop compliments the jackets have been getting! I’ve been wearing it non-stop almost and so many people just love it and so I need to get a wack of business cards from you guys and just keep them in my jacket pocket!

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I love my jacket – it is so light but so warm and cozy. I love the idea of being able to help a cause and feel good about a purchase I’ve made. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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Great price, good quality, and supporting a worthy cause.

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Get one for you, get one for your kids, get one for your friends!

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