Our 2016/17 Sales Season is now over, but our few remaining jackets are still available online with the same No-Fuss Exchanges or Refunds guarantee. We are preparing for our next season: we recommend that you follow us on Facebook or Twitter or that you sign up for our newsletter so that you can find out about any new stock once we're up and going again for the 2017/18 season. Coming soon: VESTS!!

Hand-made in Nepal by seven tailors, our jackets are available in over 100 colours and fabrics. With our hundreds of reviews from delighted customers and our No Fuss Exchanges and Refunds policy, you can be confident that you will love your J4J jacket!

You'll also feel great knowing that every jacket you purchase pays for 1 week of school. In fact, 100% of the profits goes to pay for the entire education, from primary to post-secondary, of Jasper, Resmi and Komol in Nepal. We think you'll agree that these are truly Heart-Warming Down Jackets!


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