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The Beginning of the End

Spring heralds the end of our 7th jacket season. We have accomplished our goals and then some... and now feels like the right time to wind J4J down. Here is what you need to know.

Who Made Your Jacket?

Meet the people who made your jackets, from start to finish!

Back Up and Running!

In just 3 days, the J4J Community funded the 100% of the parts and labour that Rajan needed in order to keep his factory up and running! He's already got 5 people back to work full-time.

Power to the People - "Crowdfunding-Style"...

Updated Feb 14: We Did It!!

Before Christmas, we shared a story about the lengthy fuel shortage in Nepal and how it has affected our manufacturing team. Now, we'd like to share with you the plan we've made with him to get him back up and running and we'd love for you to help!


Our Jackets... ♫ What's Fuel Got to Do With It? ♬

Nepal is in the grip of a crippling fuel crisis. No matter when you purchase a jacket - before or after Christmas - you're helping 7 tailors earn fair wages to support their families during a time when work is more scarce than fuel.

And we have some new jackets in stock!


Where in the World was your Jacket Made?

All of our Jackets for Jasper are made in Nepal, in Kathmandu, at Rajan's house in his factory. Would you like to see where your jacket came from? Let us take you on a short photo tour!


To Nepal and Back Again

You might think we've been in hibernation for the last half year or so... but we've actually been very busy behind the scenes. In April, we went to Nepal and reconnected with our friends and the families we're helping to support - and most importantly, we finally met Rajan, our manufacturer, and little Jasper!


Reconnecting with Jasper & Kamal

It has been many months – since September and the start of the tourist season in Nepal – since we have heard from Kamal, Jasper’s dad. But that all changed this and last week when we had the “holy trinity” of surprises, allowing us to reconnect in a small way (as power outages allow): an email, a phone call and a Skype video call!


New Jackets & the Nepali National Election

As our stock dwindles, we have had many questions about when we will receive our next shipment of jackets. The answer, strangely, has a lot to do with the Nepali national election, which triggered labour strikes across the entire country, affecting Rajan and our little business halfway around the world. But Nepal has one-upped Canada on voter participation!


Why So Many Colours!?!

Why do Jackets for Jasper jackets come in such a huge variety of colours?! We’re glad you asked!

Our jackets are made from fabrics that are “left-overs” from bigger manufacturers and Rajan has sent us some photos of fabric shopping.