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Hire Jasper's Dad as a Guide

Jasper's Dad, Kamal, is one of the friendliest (and tallest) men in Nepal. He is also a very experienced trekking guide. Several of our customers have hired him as a guide and you can, too!

Reconnecting with Jasper & Kamal

It has been many months – since September and the start of the tourist season in Nepal – since we have heard from Kamal, Jasper’s dad. But that all changed this and last week when we had the “holy trinity” of surprises, allowing us to reconnect in a small way (as power outages allow): an email, a phone call and a Skype video call!


Update on Jasper’s Family

In Nepal, the underemployment and unemployment rate is over 50% and each year over 2 million of the country’s 19 million men leave the country to work as labourers in the Middle East. Kamal, Jasper’s father, had already spent 5 years in Saudi Arabia and the UAE when we met him. As you can imagine […]