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How the Vest Was Won

It has been a long, long journey prompted by hundreds of requests from customers. Over two years and 11 prototypes later, we finally have beautiful women's vests!

Choosing Fabric Colours... in the Dark!

Have you ever had to pick a colour to paint a room? Or select the shirt that would best go with your pants? We've all had occasion to pick a colour for one thing or another... but all the colours we've selected for our jackets were chosen in the dark!


2014/15 Samples Are On Their Way!

As we make our plans for Autumn 2014, we want your feedback on some changes to our jackets styles and fit and a new product. We are still looking for some more “opinionated try-er on-ers” to check out the new items when they come in next week. Would you like to be the first to see and comment on our Round 1 samples?


Why So Many Colours!?!

Why do Jackets for Jasper jackets come in such a huge variety of colours?! We’re glad you asked!

Our jackets are made from fabrics that are “left-overs” from bigger manufacturers and Rajan has sent us some photos of fabric shopping.


We’ve ordered our first samples!

Wow! We’re really going to do this! Kamal put us in touch with the “best factory” he found after visiting 40 sewing shops in Kathmandu. Rajan is our man, and he’s going to make us our first samples of women’s and men’s jackets! We’ve measured up the jackets we’d bought while in Nepal as a […]