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Thank You! Together We Made a Difference

Now that we've exceeded our original goals, we've wrapped up retail sales. We want to share our accomplishments. Here are some of the most interesting or quirkier facts and stats!


Choosing Fabric Colours... in the Dark!

Have you ever had to pick a colour to paint a room? Or select the shirt that would best go with your pants? We've all had occasion to pick a colour for one thing or another... but all the colours we've selected for our jackets were chosen in the dark!


The Last of the Season…a Few ‘New’ Colours

A very late-arriving shipment had some new men’s colours in medium and small, and royal purple women’s jackets in all sizes. Almost all our remaining 2013/14 stock is now at Deep Cove Outdoors, with just a very few on our web store.


Why So Many Colours!?!

Why do Jackets for Jasper jackets come in such a huge variety of colours?! We’re glad you asked!

Our jackets are made from fabrics that are “left-overs” from bigger manufacturers and Rajan has sent us some photos of fabric shopping.


Always More Jackets…

We still have a variety of jackets still in stock and have set up a display area in our home for those who would still like to see and try them on. We are putting in another jacket order this week, so more will be arriving in April. These are some of the amazing colours […]