Jackets for Jasper Video!

In February 2017, we were invited to present at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF). How could we say no? Not only was it an adventure for us, we also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. One person we met is Robin Munshaw, a North Vancouver resident with a passion for bike-packing (back-country exploring by mountain bike) and film-making (through his company Wildland Media).

Jackets For Jasper from Wildland Media on Vimeo.

Robin contacted us after VIMFF and asked if he could make a short film about Jackets for Jasper. Again, how could we say no?! He came to J4J "HQ" with his recording equipment for part of an afternoon when we were quality-checking a new shipment of jackets. He also interviewed us for 45 minutes. Somehow, he whittled all the content from his afternoon with us down to this beautiful 3-minute video.

With this video, Robin reminded us about the big picture reasons that we have been working so hard for the last 5 years and showed us of some of the wonderful but forgotten moments we shared with Jasper and Resmi's families in Nepal over the years. He's made us feel very proud of ourselves and glad of the journey we have taken.

Please enjoy his short film from Wildland Media. Thank you, Robin!