Donate a Jacket

Do you or your place of work make charitable donations at Christmas time? Consider using a portion of those funds to purchase one or several Jackets, and then donate them to people who need, but cannot afford, warm clothing for winter. We will arrange for the Jackets’ delivery to one of three recipients.

Donate a Jacket Now


Card hand-drawn by Grade 4 students for the recipient of the donated jacket.

Here’s why this is a win-win-win scenario for everyone involved:


  • You can be happy knowing that we are offering a special discounted price for jackets intended for donation
  • Every dollar of profit from the Jackets goes to directly to girls' education in Nepal
  • Someone who might not have the means will end up with a warm jacket this winter


This touching idea was suggested to us by several people and last year, we were able to donate a dozen jackets to people in need in Vancouver, North Vancouver and Kelowna. We had come up with the slogan “Heart-Warming Down Jackets” because we hoped you would buy one and keep yourself warm. Now these Jackets are also going to help people who might be cold this winter keep warm as well!