The Beginning of the End

It seems like the right time

Years ago, we met our original goal of funding Resmi and Jasper's lifetime educations. Since then, we have exceeded this goal 7 times over and have completed additional charitable endeavours, such as supplying reliable power to the factory and emergency shelter and home restorations after the 2015 earthquakes. 

Blockaded trucks at Border

Jasper, Komol and Resmi at Resmi's school, November 2018.


But.... having long since crossed the finish line at the end of our marathon, we asked ourselves "what is our goal in continuing the business"?! As some of you know this is an incredibly all-consuming job for us for a good portion of the year. 

Our initial goal with Jackets for Jasper was not to build a clothing design and retail company - it was to enable us to sponsor Nepali school children.  We have proudly accomplished that and it feels like now is the right time to wind down Jackets for Jasper. For us personally, it is time to begin a new chapter in our lives.

Final Clearance Sale at Coast Outdoors

Final Clearance Pop-up Sale 
April 6 10-2. 60% OFF!

What follows is a primer on what you are probably wondering, what you need to know should you wish to obtain any more Jackets for Jasper jackets or vests and a timeline of what will happen next. 

What Happens Now?

Our goal is to clear out our remaining jackets, vests and duffle bags and to offer one last "Made-to-Order" opportunity to our faithful customers. Here are the dates you'll need to know in case you would like to purchase one last time from Jackets for Jasper. Act quickly and stock up - it's now or never (unless you are ordering for a Team)! All items, including this last Made-to-Order shipment will be Final Sale.

  • Tues Apr 2 to Fri April 5: 50% OFF all in-stock jackets and vests
    We have lots of selection in the smaller and larger sizes and a limited selection in medium sizes (see below).
  • Sat April 6, 10 - 2 pm: Final Clearance Pop-Up in North Vancouver.
    We're bringing all of our remaining inventory to Coast Outdoors. This includes in-stock jackets, some remaining prototypes. We also will be selling our sturdy large duffle bags for only $20!
  • Sat Apr 6 to Wed Apr 10: 60% OFF all in-stock jackets and vests
  • Thu April 11: 70% OFF all remaining jackets and vests on web store.
  • Fri Apr 12: Closing Date for Made-to-Order Items
  • We will be ceasing to accept any individual Made-to-Order items at which point this portion of our web store will be closed. There are no discounts on Made-to-Order items.
  • Apr 14-ish: Our good-news email!
    We will be sharing a summary of the wonderful work we have done together as the "J4J Village".
  • Sometime in May: Delivery of final Made-to-Order Items 
    This date will entirely depend on the quantity of orders placed: we will be importing in one big shipment once all of the orders are manufactured.
  • Until they're all gone: Increasing discounts
    We will be reducing prices on stock items each week until they're all sold.  
Remaining Inventory- Mar 31 2019

As of March 31 2019.


What about the children J4J has sponsored?

The way that we have been sponsoring children has been this: we only commit to a new student once we have the estimated required funds saved up for a complete education from K to 12. So, all of the children that we have sponsored to date will continue to have their tuition paid by Jackets for Jasper until they graduate elementary school, high school and "+2" College.

What about our Manufacturer?

The Tailors and Rajan

Rajan's told us last night to say to all of you, "This I don't know the words in English but from my heart my team are thankful for the orders from your customers."


We ran our first few years of J4J without having ever met our manufacturer. Finally in 2014 we met him and saw his operation; this led us to realize how important our large orders were to his tiny family-run company. We felt a heavy weight of responsibility on our shoulders to keep steady employment for Rajan and his tailors. This has been in large part a reason why we have continued working so long past our goal.

Over the past year, three of Rajan's full-time long-term employees and one part-time tailor have moved on to other new challenges, reducing Rajan's reliable team down from 7 when they were all working to 3. This would make it very difficult for Rajan' factory to handle large orders within our 4-8 week delivery timeline.

With his new experience in international exporting, quality requirements for North American markets and a great reputation, Rajan will continue to take on work from local trekking and sky-diving companies. He is also open to new international customers and if you would like to have him create custom item the contact him at Katunje Outgear here.

What About Custom Team Orders?

One of the things we have been most proud of here on the home front is that we have outfitted many BC cross-country teams and private companies with cozy custom jackets - each order funding a year or more of a child's education. We will continue to take orders for bulk team or organization orders with the proceeds dedicated to Nepali school children via our partnership with Her International.

Larch Hills Nordics Junior Ski Team

Larch Hills Nordics Junior Ski Team, Salmon Arm, BC.
Photo credit: Mona Hardy.


What about Returns and Exchanges for April purchases?

Because our intention is to clear out all of our inventory (so we can give our donated locker back!) and cease handling individual Made-to-Order items, we will not be able to take any returns or make any exchanges. Our policy for all discounted items sold in April will be Final Sale only.

What about Liz and Len?!

Good question! We'll be busy fulfilling orders and other J4J-related stuff until mid-to late-May.... and then.... if you have any great ideas or a job you want to talk to us about, we're all ears!