Vancouver Entrepreneur Podcast: J4J

On October 24, 2015, Vancouver Entrepreneur Podcast host Robert Szmigiel released his latest interview. This podcast features Jackets for Jasper's co-founder and "Chief Jacket Officer", Elizabeth Leboe. Interviewed just recently in mid-October, Robert graciously produced and uploaded this feature in time for our 2015/16 season. Thank you!

Following Robert's standard list of questions, the interview covers the business basics such as "did you require financing" and "what are the future plans for your business" as well as more personal questions like "what is your morning routine?", "what books are you reading?" and "how long would you last on an island with no internet access?". 

The interview highlights the support from individual volunteers and local businesses (Deep Cove Outdoors and North Vancouver's Self Storage Depot on Brookbank in particular) that allow us to work on a shoe-string budget and showcases a business model where bigger isn't always better.

We're grateful for the opportunity to share another side to our story and hope that you find it interesting!