And Then There Were 3 - Meet Komol!

Over the last couple of years we have often been asked, "what happens when you have fully funded Jasper and Resmi’s educations?" We can finally share with you the answer to this question: meet Komol!

Komol is 4 ½ years old (one year older than Jasper) and he is Jasper’s cousin. Like for Resmi and Jasper, we have committed to covering all of Komol’s school-related expenses to enable him to obtain a sound education in Nepal.

How we came to decide on sponsoring Komol is a story, like many in Nepal, filled with misfortune, challenges and sadness. But also, like so many Nepali lives, it is buffered with the  kindness and strength of family.

(First one thing to note, since you may feel slightly confused... KAMAL is our friend, Jasper's father. KOMOL is Kamal's sister's son. Got that?!)

Komol was living in a village west of Kathmandu in Dhading District with his mother and father. It was a typical village life with a small patch of land, a hand-built stone home and the challenges of sanitation and education.

Komol and Jasper

Komol and Jasper at their new home in Kirtipur.
Photo credit: Nanu Adhikari

But in spring 2014, everything changed. Komol’s mother (Kamal's sister) died from jaundice or some form of hepatitis at the age of 24. No one should ever die from such a treatable disease but she was not able to obtain the medical diagnosis or care that she required and she died, leaving behind her husband and young son.

We just learned two months ago that Komol's father has remarried. We listened to a story that we barely understood from Kamal - about Nepali culture, about Komol's father, about Komol not being well looked-after, about a new wife's aversion to raising a child from a previous marriage... We came to learn that now with a new wife on the scene, Komol would be better brought up by Jasper's parents: his uncle Kamal (currently in Malaysia) and wife Nanu. Thus Jasper now has an OLDER brother.

Even though he is one year older than Jasper, he is tiny and underweight. But in the months since coming to stay with Jasper (on and off while he gets used to his new surroundings), he has been getting bigger and healthier.

Komol will start living full-time with Jasper and his family. They each love having a brother to play with. And Nanu now has a handful of rambunctious boys…

Komol will attend the same daycare that Jasper does. Next year, he will start Kindergarten.

Everyone  so far who has purchased one of our jackets has directly helped pay for the lifetime educations of Resmi and Jasper. Imagine that, a puffy jacket for you and a lifetime of school for two kids!

And now that we have a third child's education under the Jackets for Jasper umbrella of sponsorship, we hope that you will continue to support us and share our story. Our jacket sales this year will help us secure funding for Komol’s education in Nepal.

You have no idea how thankful we are that you are part of the J4J team!

Jasper and Komol playing with trucks together

Jasper and Komol playing trucks together. Photo credit: Nanu Adhikari