Global BC TV Story

On December 3, 2014, Global TV (our local TV news station) aired a 2-minute piece about Jackets for Jasper. Reporter Randene Neill had stumbled across Jackets for Jasper when we were set up in a local coffee shop in the winter of 2012. She has asked us each year if she could tell our story on Global TV. And each winter, we had said "no" for fear of being overwhelmed with requests for jackets that we could not possibly provide. But this winter, with over half our stock still remaining in bags all over our house, we said "yes". And here is the result from Global TV!


{Technical difficulties as of May 19 2017, working on it!)


The response to these 120-seconds of fame was entirely overwhelming! People from all over British Columbia contacted us to enquire about our project and our jackets. It was impossible to keep up with the correspondence, and near-impossible to get all our orders in the mail before Christmas. However, a tiny company like ours can only benefit from the publicity that Randene's piece generated for us. We now have so many supporters interested in our jackets that we will no doubt be able to do this all over again next season!


Bringing jackets into Deep Cove Outdoors shop

Bringing bags of jackets into Deep Cove Outdoors, where jackets are on display and for sale.
Photo still from video: Global TV