You've heard the terrible news and seen the tragic images on TV: a devastating 7.8 earthquake has hit Nepal. In 52 seconds of powerful shaking, the lives of all of our friends in Nepal have changed forever.

Many of you have reached out to ask about the families we support and the team that makes your jackets. They have become like family both to us and to you. We have good news but also some bad news.

Good: For those people we have had contact with or information about (including Jasper and Rajan): all are unharmed.

Bad: All the factory workers we've heard from so far have had their homes reduced to rubble, there is no power and limited water and food, everyone is living outside on the streets and open areas and it is raining at night.

No one is going to be able to help the J4J team but us. So we would really like your help to raise enough money to assist the Jackets for Jasper team obtain food, water and shelter for the next few months and to rebuild their homes.

Nepal is a country in desperate need of international humanitarian aid: please donate to any agency you are comfortable with that has capacity on the ground to provide emergency medical care and assistance; we've provided some charity links below. If you would like to directly help the Jackets for Jasper team, please click on the DONATE button for how you can help and for more in-depth updates on the families and how they are coping.

With many thanks for your support and hopes and thoughts for the Nepali people.

Sincerely, Liz and Len

Charity Links

Several Canadian media outlets have published lists of Canadian charities that are known to be on-the-ground in Nepal and already delivering emergency aid. No doubt there are dozens if not hundreds of other organizations trying to do their best to help. If you are familiar with any organizations providing emergency services in Nepal, please share their information on our Facebook page.

Canada's government has agreed to match eligible donations to the "Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund" until May 25th. As of this email, we've not been able to find accurate information about that fund to share with you.