How vegetarians ended up eating buffalo all the time…

The higher we trekked, the more expensive local chicken became. Thus, the transition began to Kamal searching out local buffalo. Our first buffalo was dried and then cooked into a curry. Very good. The second one was fresh buffalo. Good but not as good and quite (too!) chewy, and after that well, bring on the buffalo.

Kamal, Len and Liz raising a toast with buffalo snacks on plates in front

Kamal thinks there is nothing better than rakshi with meat. Who are we to argue?

Except for one family home, we never had the buffalo in a larger lodge. Kamal would search out buffalo in the small porter and Sherpa family homes that tourists would never visit. So after eating a small dinner, we would head out for our local walk where we walk into these porter places ( they would sit at the table then sleep on the floor or the seats) and we would amaze the locals by joining them for dinner. There we would sit eating buffalo, drinking the local wine called Raksi and just having a great time.

I wonder if the neighbours will notice the buffalo in our backyard when we return?