Super fresh chicken kicks the bucket….

Note: if you are vegetarian or have never been in a butcher shop, it would be best to turn your head now…

So our guide, Kamal, was constantly worried that he might lose height and weight while trekking with us. (Kamal at 6 ft 3, is the tallest Nepali we have ever seen). His diet in Kathmandu included meat for every dinner but the cost of meat while trekking is very high.

Thus, he was constantly on the lookout for how to purchase inexpensive and fresh meat. As we initially started our trek, he kept looking at chickens with a lustful expression on his face while asking the locals the price of local chicken.

At the end of a brutal day of hiking, and having deemed that he had found the best price ($16) he could for local chicken, he suggested that we (us two and our guide and porter) split the cost of the chicken above.

Okay, we said wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. Ten minutes later he left with the owner of the guest house we were staying at to find “local chicken”. Little did we know that he would also be the one to kill the chicken, pluck it, and then prepare for cooking. All in about 30 minutes.

Kamal plucking the chicken after it was dipped in boiling water.

This is it, as it is being plucked.

In Nepal, its not about just eating the breast and thigh. Everything gets eaten with the exception of the chicken’s nails, beak and a few innards (lungs and stomach).

Even the head gets eaten. Kamal ate that one….

Kamal holding two bits of the cooked chicken: leg and head.

Leg on the left; half-head on the right.