The Hills are Alive…

The Hills are Alive…

…with puffing people and great views.

The peaks bring great views but oh! so damn hard.

Walking up a hill, mountain, slight incline etc. at higher altitudes is just plain hard. And we weren’t even at the height of most peaks that people climb, which also seem to be in the freezing cold and for hours at a time. When we climbed a peak called Gokyo Ri which was at 5,400 metres, we were at 53% of lung capacity of sea level. Imagine removing one of your lungs.

But here are some of the views you get.

Enormous glacier covered in rock debris filling a valley below Cho Oyu

The massive Ngozumpa Glacier coming off Mount Cho Oyu, world’s 6th highest mountain.

At Renjo Pass, after 3 hours of uphill slogging with only 1/2 the oxygen, we were just happy to get over the top!

Two tiny people sillhouetted against the sky at edge of cliffGroup of trekkers at high mountain pass, happy to be there

Mount Everest seen in the distance from a high mountain pass across a valley

From Renjo Pass; along the lake on the opposite side, you can just barely see all the lodges along the shore.