Bring on the food – if we survive the flight!

After almost 36 days of trekking ( two treks separated by three days) we are ready to go home and eat. To get back to Kathmandu we fly out from Lukla, Nepal.

Lukla is known as the most extreme airport in the world. The runway has a gradient of 12% and is only 460 metres long. If you overshoot it, or go too far left or right, then you run into a mountain, hotel or a tourist or if unlucky then you plummet to the bottom of the Dudh Khosi canyon.

Plane ready for takeoff on the incredibly short Lukla runway

We sat on the balcony of our hotel and watched planes leave and arrive. Eventually, it was our turn to leave and a 2 minute walk from our hotel and we were off to Kathmandu. Here is a video of the ridiculously scary airport take-off:

Next trip, off to a farm in southern Nepal to volunteer for 10 days. Beside the farm is Chitwan Game Preserve where we will hopefully see Tigers, Rhinos and visit the World Elephant Polo championships.