Donation Well-Received

We couldn’t wait to share this lovely letter with you! This was emailed to us today from Sage Transition House, the recipient of the donated jacket purchased by Brooksbank Elementary School’s Grade 4 class.

After we’d met with the students and had our “show and tell” day where they asked a zillion great questions, we contacted the North Shore Crisis Services Society to enquire about donating a women’s jacket. One of the Sage Transition House staff came to our home to learn a little about our Jackets for Jasper project and more about the generous Grade 4′s. Then, she took the donated jacket and promised to put it in the hands of a woman who would benefit from it. Of course, we will never know who the person is, but we certainly hope that they will be warm and cozy this coming autumn, not just from the down jacket, but also from all the warm and generous sentiments that it embodies.

What a wonderful circle of giving that was started by those kids!

Letter of thanks for donated jacket from Sage Transition House