Taking the Leap: Committing to Jackets for Jasper

If you’ve been following us along on our Jackets for Jasper adventure, you will know that for the last 2 years, we have run J4J in addition to our “real” jobs. Had we known how much work this “little” project would become, would we ever have even started? For each of us, managing Jackets for Jasper had become an additional part-time career – one that would take place during breakfast before work and again after work, late into the nights. Oh, and every weekend. And holidays.

We truly never imagined that so many people would be interested in purchasing our “Heart-Warming Down Jackets”. We wanted to deliver to all those who were still interested in a down jacket that helps put two Nepali children through school. But we simply couldn’t continue in this unsustainable manner. By the time Christmas finally rolled around, we were literally running on empty. Something had to be dropped, but in our hearts, neither one of us wanted that “something” to be “Jackets for Jasper”.

Over the Christmas holidays, after much consideration and wine-fuelled late night discussions with friends and family, we decided two things: first, that we both dearly want to continue with Jackets for Jasper; and second, the only way we could do this was if one of us left our regular job. Gulp!

A Leap of Faith

In our minds, we made a commitment to our Jackets for Jasper project. And in the real world, Liz gave notice at her job as a Community Programs Coordinator for the North Shore Recycling Program. As of mid-January, Liz’s now-freer schedule finally allowed us to run Jackets for Jasper without running ourselves ragged.

Outside our comfort zone Yup, we admit there was a whole lot of angst around this decision: a big income drop; loss of job security and a career right turn. But this drastic change in our lives has much going for it: we get to see our friends again; we can cook and enjoy dinner (no more take-away! – well, almost); we’ve gotten up out of a chair and out from behind a computer screen and have been getting outside. This all equates to more balance in our lives and it will allow us to continue Jackets for Jasper in the 2014/15 season. And, this means that we can continue supporting children’s schooling in Nepal.

The Road Less Travelled

Very rarely do any of us have an opportunity to make a tangible difference and to find something we truly are passionate about. We have found both those things with Jackets for Jasper. Not only are we actively enabling kids to to have an education in Nepal, we also get energized by our interactions with all of you, the people who have been supporting us. Sometimes in life, you have to take the road less travelled. And so we have.

Although we don’t know exactly what twists and turns this road will take, we know and like its general direction. We get to continue this amazing journey with you and continue to make a tangible difference in a few Nepali families’ lives that we can all share a part in. We are committed. And when the 2014/15 jacket season comes around, please support us once again!

The Road Less Travelled

“I took the one less traveled by,  and that has made all the difference” – Robert Frost