The Last of the Season…a Few ‘New’ Colours

More jackets have arrived! OK, so they’re too late for Christmas, and it is strangely almost spring here on the coast… but we’ve added a few more to our stock. But Hey! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… is it wrong to give a jacket for Valentine’s day? You could put a chocolate in the pocket… and most of the women’s jackets are in pink and red after all…

It has been a very busy season! We had more than 500 jackets arrive from Nepal, pass through our home and then out into the community on the backs of our supporters. With the arrival of the Christmas holidays, we took a much-needed break and recharged. And also over the holidays, our shipment that was late due to the Nepali national election finally arrived! We have now carefully quality-checked each jacket and they are ready for sale. Most of our remaining jackets are at Deep Cove Outdoors, where you can see and try them on.

New colours include mango, red and grey in men's and royal purple in women's.

New colours include mango, red and grey in men’s and royal purple in women’s.
(Photo: Viviane Nishikiori, Deep Cove Outdoors)

Although we have no Mens’ Larges left at all, we have a few jackets in every other size for both women and men. But just a few! The new colours we received for men’s were mango, various greys, black and red. In women’s, we received royal purple.

We also made a few exchanges once people’s Christmas presents had been opened and tried on for size – those are also back on the racks at Deep Cove. A very few jackets are still on our web store, but as we wind down our wonderful season, we will be ultimately turning off the web store and sending the remainder of the jackets down to Deep Cove Outdoors.

Soon, it will be time to start planning “what’s next for Jackets for Jasper”.