Our Webstore is Open!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Actually, it has been a crazy half-year! But we have survived and we are happy to announce that our jackets are now available to purchase online. Deep Cove Outdoors also has a limited stock available to try and purchase directly from their store, 7 days a week. Here is some news about the webstore, shopping in person and our Open Houses.

About the Webstore

Since we started our project to help pay for Resmi and Jasper’s education, we have received many requests from people outside the Lower Mainland – indeed from all over Canada – who are interested in purchasing a “heart-warming down jacket”. Since last spring, we have been working to get a web store up and running so that our jackets will be available to out-of-towners or those unable to visit Deep Cove Outdoors.  It seemed so simple! Oh, we were so naive… but the store is now officially live and working!

Webstore Image

We ordered 500 jackets this year and stockpiled them in our guest room, living room, dining room and hallway… for months! (This is why we are so forever grateful to the duffle bag lenders and donors!) We had a fantastic response at our two open houses and people have been telling us they really love their new Jackets. All ~100 remaining jackets are now available on our webstore: if you go online and you like a particular size and colour, buy it! These are all the jackets that we have. And for now, when they’re gone: they’re gone!

We know that some of you will not find exactly what you want in our remaining stock: many colours and some men’s sizes got snapped up at the open houses. If you don’t see the colour/size choice you wanted, please be sure to sign up for our newsletter, opt into email notifications of new website posts or Like Us on Facebook so you will be informed if we can obtain additional jackets this winter.  In our next post, we will update you on some of the challenges of ordering jackets from Nepal with their National election 5 days away. It makes the politics of our friends in Toronto look almost enviable by comparison.

Deep Cove Outdoors has Stock, Too

Viviane N. of Deep Cove Outdoors with Liz, showing off the spiffy shop display.

Viviane N. of Deep Cove Outdoors with Liz, showing off the spiffy shop display.

We mentioned in an earlier blog post that Deep Cove Outdoors has generously offered to stock some of our jackets. They have about 40 jackets in various colours and sizes and they are all also for sale directly from their store. You can also go there simply to try on a jacket if you prefer to check the sizing before ordering a different colour from our online store. Deep Cove Outdoor’s shop is conveniently open 7 days a week from 10-6 and is right near the Ironworkers 2nd Narrows Bridge. The staff are friendly, helpful and would love to see you: go pay them a visit!

Our First Two Open Houses: Crazy, but Successful

A basket of J4J cookies at the open houses. Who doesn't like a sweet treat in jacket colours?!

A basket of J4J cookies at the open houses. Who doesn’t like a sweet treat in jacket colours?!

We would be remiss if we didn’t share any information about our first two open houses of the year. They were very busy and we had a small army of volunteers and Deep Cove Outdoors staff helping to make the experience as nice as possible for everyone. We are not retail experts: our systems aren’t very efficient and we’ve never really dealt with such large crowds of people before. But the store staff are the ultimate retail professionals and made our crazy events go as smoothly as possible. There were some hitches and frustrations as our credit card system failed and our limited stock dwindled. But there were also cookies and cakes and tea, with lots of interesting people to talk with. Everyone exhibited grace under pressure and all in all, the time just flew by!

We keep reminding ourselves of our goal: sponsor both Resmi and Jasper through all their years of school in Nepal. And our objectives for this year were to get a web store started and sell as many jackets from our stock as possible to help us get closer to this goal. All in all, our two open houses were a huge success. And although the stock remaining for online purchases is limited, it is still a greater selection than we had last year and available three weeks earlier! We are very amazed at the support we have received again this year and glad that we can now make our jackets easily available to people who don’t live in our community!

All set up for our first open house... the calm before the "storm"!

All set up for our first open house… the calm before the “storm”!

Thanks to all of you who have supported us in any little or large way for making a difference for these children in such a far-away land. Heart-warming down jackets, indeed!