Introducing Deep Cove Outdoors!

We are so excited to tell you our great news! Deep Cove Outdoors has offered to support Jackets for Jasper by displaying our jackets in their amazing shop. This will be the primary location for seeing and trying on our jackets on a daily basis. We will also be hosting at least one Open House at their shop AND, they have offered to sell our jackets from their shop (if we can get ourselves a used iPad!) with every cent of the purchase price donated back to Jackets for Jasper. We still have plenty of details to work out before November when we will open for this season’s business, but we are well on our way to making our jackets more accessible to you.
Thank you Deep Cove Outdoors for your generosity and support!

You may already be familiar with Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak‘s beachfront location near Panorama Park, but if you have not already been in to see this hidden gem of an outdoor gear shop, it is about time you stopped in to check it out. And don’t go all the way to Deep Cove to find it: it is just behind the giant Canadian Tire store only minutes from the Ironworkers’ Memorial 2nd Narrows Bridge. Although they are the North Shore’s foremost kayak, Nordic ski, stand-up paddle-board and snowshoe specialty store, they also stock all the equipment, gear, car racks, clothing and accessories you could ever need for many other outdoor sports.

Deep Cove Outdoors Retail Shop: 352 Lynn Avenue, North Vancouver

How Did We Get This Lucky?

It all started when the Hollyburn Cross-Country Ski Team contacted us in December 2012 to make our first-ever customized jackets for their team. After we received the shipment of these beautiful jackets, Len took them up to the “Waxing Hut” at Hollyburn XC Ski area, Cypress Mountain. Much of the team was gathered there after a night of training: 30+ teenagers, their coaches and some parents. The group was patient and welcoming, and before handing out all the jackets, Len was able to share our story. He explained how we came to be sponsoring two Nepali school children – one of whom we had named! – and that the jackets they would be wearing while staying warm between races are directly supporting these kids’ educations. In fact, Hollyburn’s custom order covered the full year of Resmi’s “Class 1″  tuition!

One of the parents in the Waxing Hut that night is Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak and Deep Cove Outdoors owner, Bob Putnam. He approached Len after the little presentation and asked “what are you doing about putting your jackets in stores?”.  Well, that was a very good question, and the answer at that time was “Nothing.” We were, in fact, so overwhelmed with the response to the North Shore News article and the subsequent interest in our project that we were just barely keeping things together. We had people coming to our home all hours of the evenings, weekends and Liz’s day off. This was lovely – so great to meet everyone! – but not a very good business model for the long haul. Especially since we both work at “real jobs”… and it was really difficult to accommodate people’s varied and busy schedules.

Bob said that he would like to help: he could show our jackets in his shop and provide a place that people could come see them and try them on. And so… months later, we talked. And now, we are are working out the details. And we are very grateful for not just his support, but also the support of the shop staff that will be adding a little extra onto their plates this winter: this will make it possible for us to regain some of our evenings, to have more time and energy to put back into our project, and make it easier for you to see, try and buy our beautiful jackets. And the end result of all this? Keeping our eye on the prize: 2 children getting to go to school for 12 years each!

Our “Launch” date for shop display, sales and Open Houses are still to be set for sometime in early November 2013. We will keep you posted via our newsletter: if you’re not receiving it yet, now is the time to sign up!

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