Resmi: The First Two School Years

Has time really flown by this quickly? It has been two years since Len and I said “goodbye for now” to our friends in Kathmandu, and two years since Resmi started her very first day of school.

Zooming Through Kindergarten

5-year-old Resmi visiting her future school for the first time (December 2011).

Back in December 2011, when we all visited her future school for the first time, her excitement was palpable. Even though she was so young and so little, she wanted her Uncle Kamal to leave her at the school with all the other children – even though winter holidays were about to begin and all the students were about to head home until mid-January.

She got her wish three weeks later, when she joined the “Lower Kindergarten” class in the second half of the final term for that academic year. She was moved up into Upper Kindergarten when school started up again in May. She graduated from Kindergarten in the spring of 2013.

Now in Class 1

When school started up again in May 2013, she was in Class 1, fully caught up to her peers. She is still in Class 1 now, and right now it is Winter Break: school will start up on January 22 for the second half of the final term.

We have continued to receive correspondence directly from Indira Yakthumba, the school’s Founder and Principal: she generously emails us every semester with news from the school and with updates on how and what Resmi is doing. She also sends report cards and occasionally, photographs. Without Ms Yakthumba’s regular correspondence, we would have a difficult time learning how Resmi is doing: other than Kamal, we are not able to communicate with anyone one else in her family. We are grateful that she takes the time to share news with us about Resmi.

“The Right Child For Your Support”

In Ms Yakthumba’s most recent email at Christmas, we received news that Resmi is now the top student in her class! As her parents and grandparents had anticipated, she is proving herself to be an exceptional student, eager to learn. And as even Len and I knew, she is excelling also in dance, which was one of the activities she most loved when we met her. The decision to sponsor Resmi was life-changing for her, her family and for ourselves, and it warms our hearts to read the Principal’s generous words, which we share here with you because you are all, collectively, helping us provide this educational opportunity for Resmi. Thank you!

She has grown big and smart. I am happy for her and am appreciative of you two for your philanthropic gesture in emotionally and financially supporting her education with us. I believe you have picked up the right child for your support….You can see for yourself the progress she has made. I must say she is doing well and has evolved into a confident child.

Now 7 years old, Resmi receives an award badge to mark her scholastic achievements.
Principal Indira Yakthumba awards the badge (and provided the photo).

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