What is “Yak Mail”?

“Yak Mail” is the transport of goods from Anywhere to Nepal via travellers generously offering to carry extra luggage. Because the postal system in Nepal is so unreliable and because it is so expensive to “ship” goods to a land-locked country, the “yak mail” system is informally used by people supporting families in Nepal at every opportunity that presents itself.

Small Canadian flag with Nepali and English writing on it beside the parcel to be delivered by hand

On several occasions now, we have been able to supply some gifts to our Nepali friends. Jim L and Maureen C carried a pack of goodies to deliver for us back in October (thank you!). And teacher Cynthia B and her entire posse of 30 students from Sutherland High School are carrying an envelope to deliver to Kamal when they find him next week in the Langtang valley, where they are trekking! We had to select something light – so a Canadian flag will soon be hanging in his window!

If you are going to Nepal and can offer to “be a yak” … please let us know!

Yak carrying two sacks of rice blocking the entrance to a suspension bridge

“Yak Mail” or “Yak Male”?