Resmi in Kindergarten

It’s been just over a year since we were sitting in the principal’s office at Gyanodaya school, making our commitment to support Resmi’s education. Now, a year later, she is almost filling in her school uniform (that was bought too big to make it last longer), and she has almost caught up to the other students her age.

Resmi dancing toward the camera in front of the school bus

Once back from the month-long holidays of Dashain and Tihar, the school emailed us some lovely photos. We thought we would share with you a couple of pictures of Resmi attending school in Nepal. In particular, we love the matching green school-uniform toques: the students look like elves. Warm elves!

Kindergarten students, in their school uniforms, seated on the floor playing

Resmi and other kindergarten children seated at tables, writing
(Photo credits: Gyanodaya School)