Entering the Modern Age…

Today was an exciting day for us: we have figured out how to accept payments for jackets by credit card in person. Now, I know this does not sound exciting, but really – who carries around cheques? After seeing this little gadget (square.ca) in use at a few places that otherwise wouldn’t have access to a credit card machine (at the beach! at a festival!), we decided we’d try it out. It was easy and free to order the little credit card doohicky that fits into the earphone jack of an iPhone or iPad; it was free and easy to download the app; and it was easy to set up our few items for sale. The only thing, as with any transfers of funds other than for cheques, cash and Interac payments, is that there is of course a fee – averaging 3%.

This evening, I was lucky to have a willing “guinea pig” purchase a jacket using our brand-new credit card system. Terry D. even was generous enough to add $3 to the tab to cover our transaction fee: now that is classy!

Here’s how easy it is:

Using the "square.ca" credit card reader with iPad

This tiny little white square is the entire credit card reader – clever!


Signing for a credit card purchase using iPad touchscreen

Even the signing and receipts are digital – very slick.

So, Jackets for Jasper fans, we have now entered the Modern Age… cheques and clam shells still gladly accepted!