Amazing North Van Kids

Wouldn’t the world be great if everyone helped each other? Well, Ms. Reichert’s Grade 4/Division 5 students at Brooksbank School in North Vancouver sure think so!

The class wanted to help Jasper and Resmi go to school, so the students raised $120 and with it, they purchased one jacket and donated the rest. Even better, they have asked us to donate the jacket to a woman in need in our community – and so we will, with pride and with the BEAUTIFUL CARD the kids made!

Donated hot pink jacket with hand-drawn card on top

They also made a card for Jasper that we have sent via “Yak Mail”. We are proud to have these wonderful children in our neighbourhood and are grateful to them!

Card drawn by grade 4 students for Jasper

Len standing in front of classroom, talking





Len spoke to the class last week; they had many, many intelligent questions about what it’s like for people who live in Nepal.