Meet Your Maker!

This is Rajan! As you can tell from his photo, he is a very smiley guy. And, despite his youthful looks, he has already been working in the garment- and bag-making industry for 22 years. He and his team of ~8 people work out of a little manufacturing shop in Kathmandu.

Rajan and his team make duffle bags, jackets and and packs year-round. His designs range from lightweight rain jackets right through to super-puffy “down suits” for Everest summitteers and windproof jumpsuits for crazy adventurers skydiving from extreme altitudes. (Click here see more photos).

Rajan cutting sleeves from fabric in his factory A man wearing one of Rajan's super-warm down mountaineering suits.

Rajan also has a giving side to his business. When times are quieter at the factory; his team sews between 50-200 small backpacks. Then, he and his friend carry them (literally) to disadvantaged mountain villages where they distribute the bags to children who do not have access to such a simple but important item.

We were happy to start working with Rajan because he and his work are so professional; but we are even happier to keep working with him because of his happy demeanour and commitment to helping others!

Rajan donating bags to village children in village of Mugu, Western Nepal

Rajan in Mugu, west Nepal (near the Tibet border),
donating backpacks made by his company.