Our first jacket samples

Lumpy rice bag covered in customs stickersOur first sample order arrived today. In true Nepali re-use fashion, our shiny new coats came in an old rice bag.
It’s like Christmas – also came with some surprise presents to make it up to 5kg: curry/masala spices and a plethora of Pashmina scarves!



Ladies turquoise down jacket laid flat against white background

Here is our first sample of a ladies’ down jacket! Will this be the start of a good thing?

Pile of colourful pashmina scarves

Some of the colourful pashmina scarves that were included in our package of jacket samples.


Package of 8 boxes of masala spice

Industrial-sized package of “meat masala” spice – 8 boxes in all. Kamal and Nanu had cooked with this when were celebrating with their family before we left.