2014/15 Samples Are On Their Way!

In our last newsletter, we promised that would not be resting on our “downy laurels”.  As we make our plans for Autumn 2014, we want your feedback on some changes that are afoot. We’ve already been in touch with some people since our last newsletter, but we are still looking for some more “opinionated try-er on-ers” to check out the new samples when they come in next week. Men, you too!

We want you to be one of the first to see and give us your opinions on our Round 1 samples:


  • Women’s Hoodies
  • Woman’s Classics – a baffling question… Two baffle width options for you to consider
  • Men’s – 5 more-fitted sizes
  • Men’s – Different necking (Necking? Made you wonder I bet). OK, different collars.
  • A New Product! (Depending of course on what you think…) -  Read below about the top secret product we call a“Janket for Jasper”?! And Yes, clearly, we will need your ideas for its name as well.
Let's see you wearing one of those new samples! And yes (if you have a great eye for detail) there will be wine and snacks.

Let’s see you wearing one of those new samples! And yes (if you have a great eye for detail) there will be wine and snacks.

Did we mention we will bribe you with wine and snacks?

Winging their way to Canada right now are the first samples for the 2014/15 season (actually, we just checked: they’ve just left Dubai).

We will be receiving our 2nd iteration of sample women’s hoodies.

We’re getting all the men’s jackets redone in a new fit that will bring our sizes more into alignment with North American size charts: not quite so wide with more fitted shoulders – from XS to XL.

For all jackets, we’re experimenting with the baffle width:  5 cm and 4 cm (baffles are the “Michelin Man” horizontal down-filled channels on each jacket). We were curious to see how that would look and, as Rajan always says, “Why not?!”

And, due to many requests, we’re getting a sample of a thin but cozy blanket that can be stuffed into its own little pocket to make a pillow. We really have no idea how it will turn out, but it is an experiment that Rajan was willing to try, and so he has made us one.

If you’re the curious type who likes to see things before they’re finished and are comfortable providing feedback and “modelling” clothes before a tiny audience (and like snacks!), please get in touch with us. We will be having a few small gatherings next week at our home to check out the new samples and to see what needs tweaking for Round 2.

We’d love to hear from you: you can email us to let us know you’re interested in helping out.