Back Up and Running!

The J4J Community is incredible! In just 3 days, on Valentines Day in fact, you 100% funded the parts and labour that Rajan needed in order to keep his factory up and running. And just a few days after that, the parts had all been purchased (in Nepal) and installed by a certified electrician.

Rajan's factory can now operate at full capacity for a regular 8-10 hour working day 6 days/week!

Although he lost two of his tailors due to lack of work (Mohammat and Sunil), he has got 5 of his past employees back working full-time now, and he is seeking to hire 2 more people to work the sewing machines. Rajan himself is happier than a clam, to say the least.

Unpacking a new motor

Four people working at electric sewing machines with bright overhead lighting
in the middle of a power outage! (Photo credit: Rajan Dulal).


A Proud and Self-Sufficient Businessman

Rajan, his wife and mother

Rajan, his wife Sunita and his mother, "Ama".

Rajan is a proud, self-made businessman. From a very young age, he and his brother started to provide for their mother and siblings by teaching themselves to sew. He is a do-it-yourself kind of guy and is not one to sit and complain. He is a man of small and steady actions who believes no one can help himself better than he can.

With his business acumen, he understood that if he did not invest in his factory to get himself off diesel, the future of his business was in peril. And with his self-made work ethic, Rajan arranged with Len and me to borrow the funds he needed for the capital investment in his factory: motors, lighting, batteries and power inverter.

But although $4,000 may not seem like much in Canada, in Nepal that is a vast amount of investment, and even at 0% interest, it was going to take about 1½ - 2 years to pay back without negatively affecting his ability to compensate his staff and support his family.

We did not tell Rajan that we would be putting it out to the J4J Community to see if we could support him in his efforts, as we did not want to disappoint him if we were not successful. 

A Grateful and Humble Businessman!

On Valentines Day evening (which is just another Monday morning in Nepal), we phoned Rajan to tell him about our "little" surprise and the great news that the Canadian J4J Community had stepped up, eager to see him upgrade his factory and continue his work. His ability to run the factory means employment for another 7 people AND our ability to continue funding Japser, Resmi and Komol's educations through the sale of Rajan's beautiful jackets!

And the fact that his capital investment to get off diesel is now paid for and installed means that all the income Rajan earns from manufacturing jackets for Jackets for Jasper will go toward his employees, his business expenses and his family - not toward paying off an enormous loan.

A Little Equipment Makes a Big Difference

We don't have many photos yet as Rajan has only sent a few, but we will take more when we visit in person next month! Here are some photos we've received of the new equipment that's made all the difference in the world.

New Sewing Machine Switch Rajan and his New Batteries

Setting up a bank of batteries                                           A New Sewing Machine Switch
(Photo credits: Rajan Dulal)

Unpacking a new motor

Unpacking a new low-wattage sewing machine motor. (Photo credit: Rajan Dulal)


Unpacking a new motor

A new, low-wattage motor on an old but still good sewing machine. (Photo credit: Rajan Dulal)


We are so, so proud of the Jackets for Jasper Community that has come together again to help people halfway around the world. It is an amazing feeling to know that such a small crowdfunding campaign can have such an immediate positive effect on so many lives in Nepal. We - and Rajan and his employees - are truly grateful!