Home Stay and Cooking with Pramila

In the quiet and scenic hills outside and above the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu lies a beautiful village called Nagarkot. It is famous for its views of the Himalaya and its proximity to the city and the historic Bhaktapur kingdom. 

But we know it best because our dear friend Pramila and her friend Shanta live there. They survived the earthquake and its aftermath by living with other villagers and visitors in their plastic greenhouse for several months, but are now back on their feet, hosting visitors from around the world and farming the terraces around their property.

Pramila in her village

Pramila's particular style of hosting is as warm and friendly as it is possible to be: prepare to be pampered and welcomed, well-fed and entertained by her charming poems and songs.

If you might like to pay a visit to a traditional Nepali village and enjoy some local hospitality, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can put you in touch or help you make arrangements. We have done so for others and we would love to connect you to Pramila and the charming Nepali experience she offers in her village!

Dominique visited Pramila in 2013 before the earthquakes and while Pramila still lived in Kathmandu:

"We did a cooking class with her ... We really enjoyed it. She was very welcoming and enthusiastic about Nepali culture and food. It was a great experience."

 Neil M and 5 friends visited Pramila in November, 2015: 
"Spent a wonderful day with Pramila.  She is such a special person.  Everyone loved her and the day."

 (Those are the Himalayan Mountains in the background, not clouds!)