Donate a Smart Phone

Just one phone is worth a full months' living expenses in Nepal. Imagine the impact your old mobile could have in that country instead of in your kitchen drawer!

We are still “in the market” for mobile smart phones (old flip-phones can be recycled here in BC). Even if you think your old smart phone is outdated and slow, it may still highly sought-after in Nepal and we can give it new life while providing a living to Kamal’s family.
(We checked with Kamal and he is able to find buyers for iPhone 4 and 4S but not earlier)

If you or someone you know has just upgraded a phone, we’d love to give your old smart phone a new purpose in life. Contact us!

Smart Phones

What looks like an old phone to you might mean an honest income opportunity for one of our friends in Nepal. Give your old smart phone a new life!